LISO Past Events: 2000-2010

LISO Past Events: 2000-2010

LISO Seminar Series 2009-2010

Fall 2009 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Sept. 25

Patricia Baquedano-López (Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley)
Classroom Chronolects: Creating Contexts for Learning Science in Racially and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Oct. 9

Kobin Kendrick (Department of Linguistics, UCSB)
Non-minimal Responses to Polar Interrogatives in Mandarin Chinese

Oct. 23

Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education, UCSB), Jason Raley (Education, UCSB), John Gumperz (Anthropology, UC Berkeley)
Discussion: A History of Micro-Analysis

Oct. 30

Frederick Erickson (Graduate School of Education, UCLA)
A History of Micro-Analysis, Part 2

Nov. 20

Ann Weatherall (School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
The Management of Affective Displays in Calls to an Independent Dispute Resolution Service

Dec. 4

Alexa Hepburn and Jonathan Potter (Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University, UK)
Issues in the Sequential Understanding of Threats

Winter 2010 – Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics)

Jan. 15

Mary Bucholtz, Brendan Barnwell, Jung-Eun Janie Lee, and Elena Skapoulli (Department of Linguistics, UCSB)
Techies and Fuzzies: The Ideological Opposition of Science and Non-Science among High-Achieving Undergraduates

Jan. 29

1Michele Back Department of Hispanic Studies, UC-Riverside
"Bellas Melodías": Failed Reification of a Newcomer's Experience in a Target Language Community

Feb. 12

Kevin Whitehead (Department of Sociology, UCSB)
"Racial Categories in the Social Life of Post-Apartheid South Africa"

Feb. 19

(1) Ingrid Li (Dept of Sociology, UCSB) & Steven E. Clayman (Dept of Sociology, UCLA)
"Joke/Serious in Question-Answer Sequences: The Case of Info-Tainment Discourse"

(2) Emily Crutcher (Dept of Sociology, UCSB)
'The First Time I Saw Porn': Normatively Gendered Accountability in Pornography Discovery Stories."

Mar. 12

Howard Giles & Douglas Bonilla (Department of Communication, UCSB)
"Take a stance in the stance field: Get a life in the lifeworld"

Spring 2010 – Coordinator: Geoff Raymond (Sociology)

Apr. 2

Jack DuBois (Dept. of Linguistics, UCSB)
Data Session: "Police-Civilian Encounters: The Traffic Stop"

Apr. 9

Nick Llewellyn (Warwick Business School, University of Warwick)
"Multimodality and Service Work"

Apr. 23

Jeffrey Aguinaldo (Dept. of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University)
"Reaction tokens: A case study of 'wows' in interaction."

May 6 to May 8

16th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture (CLIC), at UCLA.

May 14

S. Bahar Koymen (Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB)
"I don't like it he say Eathan": Toddlers' use of complement constructions within interactions at a daycare center

May 21

Makoto Hayashi (East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
"Responding with resistance to WH-questions in Japanese talk-in-interaction"

May 28

Professor Elaine Chun (English Language and Literature, University of South Carolina)
"They're all real": Race, gender, and authenticity in Asian American body talk”

LISO Seminar Series 2008-2009

Fall 2008 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson (Linguistics)

Sept. 26

LISO faculty meeting

Oct. 10

Sandy Thompson/Barbara Fox
'Responses to WH-questions in English conversation'

Oct. 24

Language and Gender Day

Mary Bucholtz, Madeleine Adkins, Brendan Barnwell, Jung-Eun Lee, and Elena Skapoulli (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Succeeding in Science: Interaction and Identity among High-Achieving Female Science Majors”

Christy Bird (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Women Can't Tell Jokes: Ideology in Interaction”

Nov. 14

Shimako Iwasaki
"The Multimodal Mechanics of Collaborative Construction in Japanese Conversation"

Dec. 5

No meeting; LISO faculty and graduate students are invited to attend Annette Harrison's PhD defense

Winter 2009 – Coordinator: Jason Raley (Education)

Jan. 9

Tanya Stivers (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
"Fittedness and response timing: A study of question-response sequences across ten languages"

Jan. 12

LISO Special Event - Peter Hobson (University of London) and Jessica Hobson (University College London)
“Intersubjective Engagement and Communication in Autism”

Jan. 23

Jason Raley (Gevirtz School of Education)
“Checking a List and Making it Twice: Objects as Contexts in School”

Feb. 6

Charles Goodwin (UCLA, Applied Linguistics)
“Semiotic Agency Within a Framework of Cooperative Semiosis”


(1) Data session on pointing in autism

WHO: Peter Hobson (University of London) and Jessica A. Hobson
(University College, London)
WHEN: Tuesday, February 17, 3-5 PM
WHERE: Ellison 2609

(2) LISO colloquium on autism

WHO: Peter Hobson (University of London) and Jessica A. Hobson
(University College, London)
WHEN: Friday, February 20, 1:30-3:30 PM
WHERE: Phelps 2536

Feb. 26

Ben Rampton (Centre for Language Discourse and Communication, King’s College London)
“Style Contrasts, Migration, and Social Class”

Mar. 6

Lea Harper (UCSB, Department of Linguistics)
Data Session, "Making Friends: Negotiating friendships through peer interaction in a bilingual preschool classroom."

Spring 2009 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner (Sociology)

Apr. 10

Stanton Wortham (University of Pennsylvania)
Beginning a Network: Assimilation and Conflict in the New Latino Diaspora

Apr. 17

Kevin Whitehead (Sociology, UCSB)
Race in Talk-in-Interaction in South Africa

May 1

Sonya Pritzker (UCLA)
Rheum for Interpretation: Learning the Language of Chinese Medicine in an American Classroom

May 13

LISO Special Event - Sociology Colloquium given by Sue Wilkinson (Loughborough Univ, UK)
The Social Construction of Ethnicity Monitoring Statistics (Location: Sociology Conference Room, Ellison 2824 at NOON)

May 13 to May 17

LISO Conference & LISO Symposium

May 29

Emanuel A. Schegloff (Sociology, UCLA)
Thirteen Prolegomena to a Conversation-Analytic Account of Action(s)

Jun 5

Margret Selting (University of Potsdam)
Emotive involvement in conversational storytelling

LISO Seminar Series 2007-2008

Fall 2007 – Coordinator: Jack Du Bois (Linguistics)

Oct. 5

Jack Du Bois (UCSB)
“Why Stance Changes Everything”

Oct. 19

Annette Harrison (UCSB)
"Talk-in-Interaction and Participation Boundaries in a Congolese Women's Church Group"

Nov. 2

Gene Lerner (UCSB) & Geoff Raymond (UCSB)
“Embodied Solutions to Interactional Troubles in a Material World”

Nov. 9

John Haviland (UC San Diego)
“Evidence for stance in Tzotzil conversation: Corpus data in typological perspective”

Winter 2008 – Coordinator: Geoff Raymond (Sociology)

Jan. 18

Lucy Jones (University of Sheffield)
"Authenticity and (Homo)normativity in a Lesbian Community of Practice"

Feb. 1

Ingrid Li (UCSB)
Exercising Entitlement in Next Turn: The Use of Exactly as a Success-Marker

Feb. 15

Mary Bucholtz, with Madeleine Adkins, Brendan Barnwell, Jung-Eun Janie Lee, Elena Skapoulli (UCSB)
"That's a physics attitude": Ideologies of disciplinarity in science students' interaction
"What do you call an eigensheep?": Formulaic jokes as scientific knowledge displays among undergraduates

Feb. 29

Liana Grancea (UCLA)
“Ethnic solidarity as interactional achievement”

Mar. 7

Susanne Guenthner (University of Munster)
"Projective constructions in German interactions - an analysis of pseudo-clefts, N-be-that-constructions and extrapositions"

Spring 2008 – Coordinator: Jason Raley (Education)

Apr. 11

LISO Faculty Meeting

Apr. 18

Patricia Lange
Teaching Tech Talk: How Online Participants Negotiate Cultural Parameters through Everyday Conversation

May 2

Doug Maynard
"Complaints and I-Mean Prefaced Utterances: Repair to Include I-Mean"

May 9

Leelo Keevalik
"Social action and prosody of syntactic reduplication in Estonian"

May 16

Steven Clayman
Title TBA

May 30

Jennifer Garland
"Playing with 'bat cheese': Stance in collaborative conversational humor"

Christy L. Bird
"'I’m almost afraid to tell this': Risk and Performance in Prefacing of Formulaic Jokes in Interaction."

LISO Seminar Series 2006-2007

Fall 2006 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Sept. 27

Faculty meeting (1:30), New students meeting (2:30)

Oct. 6

Geoff Raymond & Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
CLIC presentation "Adjusting Action"

Oct. 13

Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics, UCSB)
CLIC presentation "Interviewing as interaction?"

Oct. 20

Alexandra Jaffe (CSU Long Beach)
Language ideology and language ecologies in Corsica

Nov. 17

Jenny Cook-Gumperz and John Gumperz
“German Spelling reform controversies: a case of linguistic ideology in action”

Dec. 1

Jason Raley (Education, UCSB)

Winter 2007 – Coordinator: Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics)

Jan. 12

Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu (San Diego State University)
“Responses to compliments and to compliment responses: The interaction of self-denigration and self-enhancement in Mandarin compliment sequences”

Jan. 19

Papers from AAA 2006
Kobin Kendrick (Linguistics, UCSB), 'It was just to see what it was like': The co-production of a normative gay identity in interaction
Eva Oxelson (Education, UCSB), Staking claims: Getting a turn and the privatization of knowledge

Feb. 2

Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (University of Potsdam)
Thwarted invitations, proposals and requests: Displaying affect with language

Feb. 23

Kenneth Liberman (University of Oregon)
The Local Orderliness of Crossing Kincaid

March 2

Charles Briggs (Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley)
Narrativizing Violence: Indexicality and the Politics of Truth

March 16

Meizhen Liao (Central China Normal University/Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Loyola Law School
A Study on Interruption in Chinese Criminal Courtroom Discourse

Spring 2007 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner (Sociology)

April 6

Liz Stokoe and Derek Edwards (Loughborough University, UK)
'Did you have permission to smash your neighbour's door?': Silly questions and their answers in police-suspect interrogations

April 13

Emanuel A. Schegloff (Sociology, UCSB)
Words, words, words ... and other turn-constructional units

April 27

N. L. Klein (Sociology, UCSB)
Gesturecraft: Some examples


May 4

H. Samy Alim (Anthropology, UCLA) Conference at UCSB)
Doing gender categorization: Use and suppression of gendered pronouns in talk about drag queens

May 18-21

13th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture at UCSB (Thur-Sat) and LISO Symposium (Sun)

June 1

Panel discussion
Roots of Human Sociality: Culture, Cognition and Interaction edited by Enfield and Levinson, and featuring chapters by Schegloff, Goodwin, Clark and others

LISO Seminar Series 2005-2006

Fall 2005 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson (Linguistics)

Oct. 7

Jeff Robinson

Oct. 14

Workshop on translation

Nov. 4

Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
“Practice does not make perfect”

Nov. 18

Doing Difference seminar reports

Winter 2006 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Jan. 20

Short (1 hour) meeting for students intending to add the LISO emphasis, discussion of paper, course requirements, and other issues for those not familiar with LISO

Jan. 27

Karen Lunsford (Writing program/Education, UCSB)
“Designing a Data Base to Enhance Teachers' Critical Thinking Skills”

Feb. 3

Jack Du Bois (Linguistics, UCSB), Peter Hobson and Jessica Meyer
Title to be announced

Feb. 17

Marco Jacquemet (University of San Francisco)
Transidiomatic Practices: language and power in the age of globalization

March 3

Jatilia Van der Veen Davis (Education/Physics, UCSB)
Doing physics, performing gender: a sociolinguistic approach towards understanding the persistent gender gap in Physics

March 10

Susan A. Speer, University of Manchester, UCLA)
The Co-Construction of Gender in the Gender Identity Clinic: A Single Case Video Analysis

Spring 2006 – Coordinator: Geoff Raymond (Sociology)

April 21

Gene Lerner & Don Zimmerman (Sociology, UCSB)
Grasping at the Interaction Order: A Data Workshop

May 5

Geoff Raymond (Sociology, UCSB)

May 19

H. Samy Alim (Anthropology, UCLA) Conference at UCSB)

May 25-27

CLIC/LISO Conference, UCLA

June 2

Language and the Body: Graduate student papers

LISO Seminar Series 2004-2005

Fall 2004 – Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis and Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Oct. 1

Faculty meeting

Oct. 8

Introductory meeting
Faculty discuss their research

Oct. 22

John J. Gumperz (Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley)
“Origins and Methods of Interactional Sociolinguistics (2 papers will be available on-line)”

Nov. 5

Elena Skapouli (Education, UCSB)
“Cultural Identity of Immigrant Youth in Cyprus”

Nov. 12

Amy Kyratzis (Education, UCSB)
“Exact title to be Announced”

Nov. 19

No meeting: American Anthropological Association Meeting, San Francisco

Dec. 3

Dab Slobin (Psychology, UC Berkeley)
“What makes manner of motion salient? Explorations in linguistic typology, discourse, and cognition”

Winter 2005 – Coordinator: Jack DuBois (Linguistics)

Jan. 21

Wallace L. Chafe (Linguistics, UCSB)
“The Importance of Not Being Earnest, or How and Why We Laugh”

Feb. 4

Deborah Brandt (English, Wisconsin)
“Finding the Past in the Present in Oral Accounts of Literacy”

Feb. 18

Jason Raley (Education, UCSB)
Educational Relations and Their Problems

Feb. 25

Data Session on "Doing Difference"

Spring 2005 – Coordinator: Don Zimmerman (Sociology)

April 15

Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics, UCSB)
Innovative Quotative Markers and Youth Identities in Interaction

May 6

Monica Turk (Linguistics, UCSB)
Interactive uses of grammatical argument structure

May 13

Paul Drew (Sociology, University of York; Plenary, CLIC-LISO Conference at UCSB)

May 27

Lars Linton (Sociology, UCSB)
Saying goodbye: How parents manage leaving children at daycare

June 3

Research from the Doing Difference/Using Difference Seminar
(taught by Mary Bucholtz and Gene Lerner in Winter 2004)

LISO Seminar Series 2003-2004

Fall 2003 – Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz

Oct. 3

Edy Veneziano, Universite Renee Descartes, Paris 5
Developmental Changes in Early Pragmatic Behaviors and What They Tell Us about the Emergence of an Implicit Theory of Mind

Oct. 10

Annette Harrison, UCSB Linguistics
Data session

Oct. 24

Kyu-hyun Kim, Kyung Hee University
Turn Continuation in Korean Conversation

Nov. 7

Lanita Jacobs-Huey, University of Southern California
Becoming Cosmetologists: Language Socialization in an African American Beauty College

Nov. 14

Kira Hall, University of Colorado
Language and Sexual Politics in Liminal Delhi

Winter 2004 – Coordinator: Chuck Bazerman

Jan. 16

Susanna Cumming, UCSB Linguistics
Internet Discourse

Jan. 23

Sandy Thompson, UCSB Linguistics
Interaction and Grammar

Feb. 6

Joseph Sung-Yul Park, UCSB Linguistics
Language ideologies of English as circulated in Korean society: an analysis of the written public debates on establishing English as an 'official language' of Korea

Feb. 20

Adrienne Lo, UCLA Anthropology
Reading minds: Evidentiality and morality in a Korean heritage language classroom

Feb. 27

CLIC Conference at UCLA

March 5

Reports on CLIC conference, follow-up discussion

Spring 2004 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner

April 9

Geoff Raymond, UCSB Sociology
Using Epistemic Authority - a single case examination

April 16

Language and the Body
1. Val Sultan (Linguistics, UCSB) "Recipiency through Nonmanual Signals in American Sign Language: Blinking as a Continuer
2. Marty Connell (Education, UCSB) "Anyone Can Make a Really Safe Place: Turn Allocation Techniques in a Teacher Education Methods Class"
3. Monica Turk (Linguistics, UCSB) "Self-Referential Gesturing in Contrast"

April 23

Margaret Field, CSU San Diego, Department of Native American Studies
Increments in Navajo Conversation

April 30

Olga Solomon, UCLA Sloan Center on Everday Life of Families Inclusion as a Social Practice: Views of Children With Autism

May 7

Phil Glenn, Emerson College - IHC-sponsored talk
Laughing to go along, laughing to resist

May 13-15

CLIC-LISO Conference at UCLA

LISO Seminar Series 2002-2003

Fall 2002 – Coordinator: Chuck Bazerman

Sept. 27

Faculty Meeting
Meet with IHC representatives to discuss how to build on our success as the longest lasting Focused Research Group.

Oct. 11

Lars Linton,
Pre-Beginnings of Turns

Oct. 18

Preparatory Informal discussion among ourselves of Michael Tomasello's book The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition-please read if you plan to participate

Oct. 21

Michael Tomasello
The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition

Nov. 1

Interactive video-conference with Yrjo Engestrom, discussing his article "The Discursive Construction of Collaborative Care" to be distributed beforehand.

Nov. 22

Letters and the Social Grounding of Written Genres

Winter 2003 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson

Jan. 10

Cecilia E. Ford (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"A dialogue on "pragmatic projection": units of language and the emergence of turn trajectories from sequences"

Jan. 24

Gene Lerner
Practice does not make perfect

Feb. 7

DATA Session on "epistemic authority" (Led by Gene Lerner)

Feb. 21

Don Zimmerman/Mardi Kidwell
"Practices of Mind"

Feb. 28

Jack Du Bois, et al
"Stance day: 3 presentations on 'stance'"

March 7

guest speaker Bill Hanks (UCB)

Spring 2003 – Coordinator: Don Zimmerman

April 4

Mary Bucholtz (Department of Linguistics)
UCSB Transcription as linguistic representation: Issues of theory, method, and politics

April 18

John Heritage (Department of Sociology UCLA)
The Terms of Agreement: Indexing Epistemic Authority and Subordination in Assessment Sequences

May 8–10

THE NINTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON LANGUAGE, INTERACTION, AND CULTURE (For more information go to the conference website:

May 16

Jason Raley, UCSB School of Education Exploring the interactional achievement of trusting relations

May 30

Geoffrey Raymond and Erik Vinkhuyzen, Palo Alto Research Center Transactions as interactionally organized events: Analyzing interactions in which consumers make and report decisions to purchase goods and services in a copy shop

LISO Seminar Series 2001-2002

Fall 2001 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner

Oct. 5

Mardi Kidwell (Sociology, UCSB)
"Looking to the Caregiver: Gaze and the Organization of 'Trouble' Among Very Young Children"

Oct. 19

Tom Wilson (Sociology, UCSB)
"Whatever Should be Done with Ethnomethodology? A Conversation Analytic Perspective: PART 1"

Nov. 9

Tom Wilson (Sociology, UCSB)
"Whatever Should be Done with Ethnomethodology? A Conversation Analytic Perspective: PART 2"

Dec. 7

Rod Gardner (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
"The Orderliness of Extended Simultaneous Talk in Televised Political Debates"

Winter 2002 – Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis & Jenny Cook-Gumperz, Education

Feb. 1

Phil Gaines (Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of Composition, Montana State University )
This will be a session to discuss Professor Gaines' article on Question-Asking Style in Courtroom Discourse. "Communicating with Juries: Episodic Representational Structure in Cross Examination."

Feb. 15

Adam Kendon (Univerity of Pennsylvania, Annenburg School of Communication)
"The Pragmatics of Gesture"

Feb. 22

Sandra A. Thompson (Linguistics, UCSB)
'Linguistic Practices for Self-Repair of Overstatement and Other Utterances Leading to Possible Misapprehension'

March 8

Amy Sheldon (U. Of Minnesota)
“Two Systems of Mutual Engagement in Preschool Girls' and Boys' Dramatic Play”

Spring 2002 – Coordinator: Jack Du Bois, Linguistics

April 12

Pentti Haddington (English, University of Oulu, Finland)
"Human Profiling? Taking Stances about Other People in Discourse - Work in Progress"

April 26

Niko Besnier (Anthropology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
"Crossing Genders, Mixing Languages: The Linguistic Construction of Transgenderism in Tonga"

May 3

Celia Kitzinger (Sociology, University of York, UK)
"Politics and Conversation: The Reproduction of Normative Heterosexuality in Talk-in interaction"

May 23–25

CLIC/LISO 8th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture at UCLA

May 31

Regina Wu (Linguistics and Oriental Languages, San Diego State University)
"Constructing Newsness: The Use of Two Prosodically Different OUs in Mandarin Conversation"

LISO Seminar Series 2000-2001

Fall 2000 – Coordinator: Don Zimmerman

Oct. 6

Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
Action and the Appearance of Action in the Conduct of Very Young Children:On the Mid-Course Recognizability of Action as a Resource

Oct. 20

Sandy Thompson(Linguistics, UCSB)
'The Interactional, Grammatical, and Prosodic Implications of Turn Increments: A Data Session'

Nov. 3

Deborah Fox-Perry (Education, UCSB)
“Writing as an Interactional Achievement”

Nov. 17

Mardi Kidwell (Sociology, UCSB)

Dec. 1

Lars Linton (Sociology, UCSB)
“Offering a Candidate Answer to a Prior Question: A Practice of Inquiry Commonly Employed in Entertainment Interviews”

Winter 2001 – Coordinator: Chuck Bazerman

Jan. 19

Dorothy E. Smith (University of Toronto)
“Texts and the Ontology of Organization”

Feb. 2

Tom Scheff (Sociology)
“On the Value of the Works of Goffman”

Feb. 16

Robin Shoaps (Linguistics)
On work in progress

March 2

Discussion of several articles on context (Schegloff, Billig, and Gumperz) by Lerner, Scheff, and Bazerman

March 9

Lynn Koegel (Education)
Data Session -- Language and Social Difficulties in Autism

Spring 2001 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson

April 6

Susanne Guenthner (University of Konstanz, Germany)

April 20

Jack Du Bois (Linguistics, UCSB)

May 4

Mira Ariel (Tel Aviv University)

May 18

Bilyana Martinovski (Gothenburg University)

May 24–26

CLIC/LISO 7th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture at UCSB