If you have not yet officially applied to add the LISO Interdisciplinary Emphasis, you can find the application form on the Adding the Emphasis page.

FALL 2018 (Tentative list)

  • Education 274: LISO Proseminar (Kyratzis)
  • Education 210D: Linguistic Landscape Practices as Situated Pedagogical Resource (Curtin)
  • Linguistics 228: Discourse Practice and Social Interaction (Bucholtz)
  • Linguistics 237: Introduction to First Language Acquisition (Hou)

WINTER 2019 (Tentative list)

  • Sociology 274: LISO Proseminar (Whitehead)
  • Education 202A: Bilingual Language Development (Kyratzis)
  • Linguistics 258A: Seminar in Sociocultural Linguistics (Charity Hudley)
  • Sociology 236: The Analysis of Conversational Interaction (Whitehead)

SPRING 2019 (Tentative list)

  • Linguistics 274: LISO Proseminar (Zimman)
  • Education 272: Global Education (Curtin)
  • Sociology 236C: Social Categories & Interaction (Whitehead)