If you have not yet officially applied to add the LISO Interdisciplinary Emphasis, you can find the application form on the Adding the Emphasis page.

(m) fulfills LISO methods requirement.

(r) is a recommended course that does not fulfill a LISO requirement.

All other courses can be used to fulfill the LISO requirement of one LISO course from each of the three participating department.

FALL 2014

  • Education 274:  LISO Proseminar (Kyratzis)
  • Education 221A:  Introduction to Qualitative Methods (m) (Raley, Cook-Gumperz)
  • Linguistics 212:  Discourse Transcription (m) (Du Bois)


  • Sociology 274:  LISO Proseminar (Lerner)
  • Education 221G:  Textual Analysis (m) (Bazerman)
  • Linguistics 214:  Discourse (Clancy)
  • Linguistics 230:  Ethnographic Methods in Sociocultural Linguistics (m) (Bucholtz)

Spring 2015

  • Linguistics 228:  Discourse Practice and Social Interaction (Du Bois)
  • Linguistics 274:  LISO Proseminar (Du Bois)
  • Communication 280:  Qualitative Research Methods (m) (Putnam)
  • Education 202A:  Bilingual Language Development (Kyratzis)
  • Sociology 236:  The Analysis of Conversational Interaction (Lerner)