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FALL 2017

  • Education 221A: Introduction to Qualitative Methods (Roberts; T 4-6:50)
  • Linguistics 212: Discourse Transcription (Du Bois; MW 2-3:15)


  • Education 202A: Bilingual Language Development (Kyratzis; M 4-6:50)
  • Education 202C-01: Development of Writing Abilities Across the Lifespan (Bazerman; R 9-11:50)
  • Linguistics 227: Language as Culture (Bucholtz; MW 12:30-1:45)
  • Linguistics 258A: Seminar in Sociocultural Linguistics (Zimman; T 9-11:50)
    • "Language and Gender (Non-)Normativity; Transitions, Transgressions, & Intersections"
    • Involves typical course readings, discussion, etc.; students from outside linguistics may wish to take only this part of the course; LING 258B offered in the Spring.
  • Sociology 236: Introduction to Conversation Analysis (Whitehead) 


  • Education 221D: Video Analysis in Educational Research (Duque)
  • Education 224B: Narrative Analysis (Cook-Gumperz & Curtain; R 1-3:45)
  • Linguistics 232B: Foundations of Sociocultural Linguistics (Zimman)
  • Linguistics 258B: Seminar in Sociocultural Linguistics (Zimman)
    • "Language and Gender (Non-)Normativity; Transitions, Transgressions, & Intersections"
    • Involves research, writing, and final presentation